Whenever we do anything in life, in our mind we say these three words- Ready, Steady, Go!

And yes, these are actually implemented in every sphere of life. We need to be ready and stable before we go to achieve of do anything. Then why not always implement this on our road journeys. If you are driving a motor vehicle or are travelling in one, there are few things which you must ensure for the safety of everyone on the road.


Getting ready is the favourite part. Before doing anything, we just check if we are fully prepared to do that task. Trust me, the same conviction is required when you set out to drive.

Ready : The don'ts!
If you are in a dreamy mood and know that it is going to take your mind off the road, DO NOT DRIVE. Or don't let the person who is supposed to drive, drive. Similarly, if you are angry and frustrated, and hey, that is real, life is not fair to us all the time, avoid to take that drive yourself. In addition to taking your mind off the road, it results in rash driving and road rage. It is human tendency to actually take the frustration out on the road, specially on the accelerator of the motor vehicle you are driving.

So, now that we know how important it is to be mentally prepared, it is important to know that if you are high or a li'l less high on alcohol and drugs, please don't drive. We all the consequences of having a reduced response time, don't we?


Now that we are ready ourselves, it is time for the next part. Steady.

Is your vehicle all prepared to hit the road. I am sure all of you get it checked regularly (if not, then please do!). But here, I am talking about the things at the grass root level.

Is everything that you need in place? Is your rear view mirror adjusted perfectly? Is your seat adjusted accordingly? Are you wearing a seat belt? Are you wearing a helmet if you are on a two wheeler? Is your pillion rider wearing a helmet too? Remember these are the things which you should do before starting. It is no act of heroism to do that while you are driving. That li'l imbalance can cause big harm. If not to you, then may be to someone else.

Steady : Do's!

Now that you are all set to hit the road, there are few li'l things that you have to take care while driving.

I know I might sound a li'l bit primary school-ish, but I have to because it seems like that most of us has left behind the basic safety rules that we were being taught. Always follow the traffic signals. Remember that you might be breaking the red signal from this side, but the person on the other side is following his/her. In case of a mishap, you are only responsible. Follow the traffic rules wherever mentioned. If they say that a particular road has a speed limit, then it really does. Over speeding doesn't prove anything. Maintain distance from the car or vehicle ahead of you. None of us want to be a part of that rear-ending happening due to sudden breaks. Use the indicator whenever required. Trust me, no one really knows your route map, they depend on your indications! Use of high beam unnecessarily can make someone go blind, I hope you know that.

Be a li'l bit considerate to your fellow drivers. It is not a race. Be kind to the pedestrians. Don't honk unnecessarily. Don't really get into the way of an ambulance. Trust me, an ambulance meeting an accident is the worst nightmare for the one in need. Be considerate of others.

Go, but carefully! 

I know for us it is easier to blame the other one in case of a mishap. But its is equally our responsibility to be as smart and careful as we can be.

The Government will take time to get things right. It will take time to wrap up the never-ending constructions- be it the flyovers or the Metro Trains. It will take time to fix the bad quality roads that are being constructed year after year. It will take time to combat the corruption dwelling when it comes to give licences to the credible drivers. But, that doesn't mean that we can not be safe while on roads. It is time that we take our safety in our hands. It just require a li'l effort from each one of us. Imagine, if everyone one is equally considerate, accidents might not just happen! So, be a master of your own safety and Ready, steady, Go!


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