The IndiSpire this week gave an interesting topic. The new age debate of

And being an avid reader, I would definitely say Paperback. 

No matter how convenient eBooks are, but they can not beat the smell of new books or old books for that matter. eBooks definitely reduce the weight that you have to carry, but the pleasure of flipping through the pages is unbeatable. 

Paperback books give that feeling of being a constant companion. eBooks are not really that cheaper than paperback, so I kind of don't really consider that as a factor. 

You can perceive me as a person from the dinosaur era, but nothing gives me more pleasure than going to the libraries and browsing through hundred and thousands of books. That is just like my li'l heaven! 

And lastly, the level of satisfaction is pretty different when it comes to showing off your own personal physical library. 

A part of my li'l library!
So, I might be a li'l backward when it comes to book. Paperback FTW! 


  1. I too like paperbacks, but what about trees getting cut and the resulting global warming? The biggest advantage with eBooks, for me, is: I can increase the font size for easy reading or I can even 'listen' to them using the Text-to-Speech feature, esp. when my eyes are tired after staring at the computer monitor for an entire day!

  2. I am a paperback fan myself. Along with the smell, the feel of touching the pages of a new book is an amazing experience in every sense :D.

  3. @Destination Infinity
    Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Though I agree with you completely, but I guess publishing paperbacks is a good thing and there are many other things where paper can be saved. Say the election campaigns?

    Also, reading is an entirely different experience than listening to the audio. But then again, that is my personal opinion!


  4. @Aseem
    I know right! As I mentioned, flipping through the pages is an altogether different experience :D

  5. It's hardly being backward, technology has it's limits. I will always go for paperback books.

  6. I agree with you completely Gaurab! :D