As promised, I will finishing off with my tags this months. The 10 facts about me have been covered here.

My first nomination came on 18th December 2013 (yes, you read it right!) by Debarati.

Her 10 questions to me are:

Question 1
Your weird wish which you haven't fulfilled, but would love to?
To dye my hair purple and to get a Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo.

Question 2
If you were said to do only one thing for a whole day, what would that be?
Sit quietly and meditate.

Question 3
Everything is fair in love and war. What is your opinion on this proverb?
No. Love and war, both are to be dealt with honestly and courage. So, no, not everything is fair.

Question 4
Last time you cried watching which movie?
The Boy in the Striped Pyajamas. Because innocence died.

Question 5
You have the best memories in school or college? Tell any one of your experience.
The best I could gather right now is my Engineering college farewell!

Question 6
What is love?

Question 7
Life with mobile and gadgets or life without them?
I am really indifferent.

Question 8
The flower that mesmerizes you in any way.
Peach roses.

Question 9
Would you enjoy at an isolated place? How?
A book and cool wind in my hair.

Question 10
Life is incomplete without...??
People who love you and care for you.

The rules were already mentioned here. I hope this was interesting and that you find the next season even more interesting.

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