• (This post is going to feed a child for one year. Thanks to Akshay Patra Foundation and BlogAdda.)  

  • The only thing that I learned in my Masters is to make presentations. Loads and loads of them. Let me share one presentation that I made. I really hope that you go through these 5 quick slides. 

   Well, I was lucky enough to go to school and even pursue a master's degree. But is every child fortunate enough? No. 

  We are a poor country. With a low economic growth and even a lower saving rate, most of the population of India is focusing on working and earning a square meal. You are reading this blog, but more than 40% of the people in India can not. They lack the elementary education. People would rather send their children to work than to school. Yes, unlike us, they have to make a choice between education and food. Every new born is seen as a source of income for a family living below poverty line. 

So what does that mean? We leave the future of our nation with the same choice that was given to them in their past? No, we can certainly do something for them.

We have to make them understand that a child's education is like an investment of time which will give returns in great manner. If an unskilled labour can ear Rs.10 a day, a skilled labour can earn Rs. 100. Well, I pointed out  that because monetary issues are the only thing that can bother anyone on this earth. 

There are many NGO's where you can monthly pay a certain amount(that you can afford, of course) to sponsor a child's education and food. You can in fact voluntarily teach in your free time. There are many such programs. I will talk more about them in Part 2 of this post. 

If you are reading this and you are a blogger, you can even blog to feed a child. This is how :

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Your blogging will not only feed a child but also make people aware about the sad condition of our country and that how important it is to educate as many children as possible, while feeding them with a well balanced meal at least once a day. 

Akshaya Patra was the magical pot given to Yudhhishtr which used to give unlimited food till Draupadi ate out of it, each day. Can we make this pot magical too? Surely we can! 

Let me quote from Dr. Roshan's Blog : 

"How will it make a difference? 
  Well, we harness the power of social networking. 5 bloggers tagging 5 more to write on their ideas on what needs to be done to keep a child in a classroom and not have to worry about his next meal. Then tag 5 more to write. Base line: 1 blogger tags 5.

One completed share: 5 tag 25.
Two completed shares: 25 tag 125.
Three completed shares: 125 tag 625.
Four completed shares: 625 tag 3125.
Five completed shares: 3125 tag 15625. 

That is 19506 ( 15625 + 3125 + 625 + 125 + 5 + 1 ) children fed just with five completed shares. And you only had to ask and follow up with five bloggers, not 19,000 to help achieve this target within a short period."

That doesn't make it unlimited, but I hope you the understand the scope and power of every blog post hence written and shared. 

Akshaya Patra Foundation is doing a great job. Please help them achieve their dream of an educated and healthy India. 

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  1. Thanks Sushmita for being the first of the people I asked personally to take up the tag... the numbers do sound scary when we think of it: Rs10 for unskilled labourer - if that is what children are paid to work when they should be in school and they still prefer it, that suggests a total failure on our part. We need to do better to motivate them to stay and be educated.

  2. Thanks Roshan. I was thinking about writing but your tag served as the perfect impetus for me to write on time!

    The story is certainly sad, but I am sure, as you mentioned, that if we work together, we can do wonders.

  3. Thanks for sharing this quality information with us. I really enjoyed reading.