When I met a stranger.

When I Met A Stranger

When I looked into her eyes, I knew she was the one I was searching for. 

She looked at me, and with her angelic smile, told me with her eyes,

That I was the one she was waiting for. 

She held my finger with her tiny hand, tears rolled down my cheeks.

My wife hugged me and said "She fills the void in our lives."

And we drove away from the orphanage. 


4 opinions:

embarkwithmythoughts said...

haha! Definitely your shortest one but a WOW post :) Loved it in its entirety.

Sushmita said...

Thanks Shashank! :)

Ananya Tales said...

WOW Short n effective !

Sushmita said...

Thank you so much Ananya! :):)

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