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Jennifer came in to his life like a beautiful sunrise. Even today Shekhar is not sure if the idea of making Tara meet Jennifer was good or not, but yes, he knows that her advent in his family was a blessing.

After the candid photography session of Roohi some five years ago, Jennifer did not just leave the house as a professional photographer. She connected with Roohi like Tara never did. He remembers how happily Roohi came back to him in the evening, after "Jenny Benny" took her for her favorite ice-cream and gifted her the Barbie Doll she has always wanted. 

Jennifer gelled up well with his family. Tara was always insecure. She always thought Jennifer as Shekhar's mistress. Not anyone's fault though. Tara has always been this arrogant and demeaning to people she never liked. Shekhar knew it was her love for him. Or was it? She probably left the love and passion for him in the delivery room of the hospital where Roohi was born. She was disappointed in Shekhar for being such a useless chap. Yet, she was living with him. But he was not useless. He just did not like the conventional corporate life. 

One fine morning, Tara scolded Roohi for chanting Jennifer's name all the time. She even broke the Barbie that was the gift. She left for office. Shekhar saw Roohi crying in one corner of their apartment hall in Mumbai. Shekhar hugged the 4- year old princess of his. The doorbell rang and as Shekhar expected, it was Jennifer. Roohi smiled instantly and hugged her. Jennifer and Shekhar then took Roohi to her school, with a promise that they will take Roohi for her favourite Disney movie after her school. 

Shekhar and Jennifer chatted a lot that day. Shekhar was not sure how to tell Jennifer the reason for which Roohi was crying. Nor he could give a possible explanation for the brutally broken doll. But he knew that Jennifer was too mature for her age. She knew. Shekhar has never seen the intelligent side of Jennifer. He always looked at her as the photographer who was a good friend to Roohi. But today he knew why should Tara be afraid of her. She shared so much with Shekhar. Their interest, their hobbies and their fears, they all matched so perfectly. 

It was time and they picked up Roohi from school. They watched the movie. Such a happy family they were, Shekhar thought. Tara called Shekhar informing him that she would be late that day. Jennifer and Shekhar had put Roohi to sleep. It was 8 in the evening. Jennifer was about to leave the Dutta's residence.

"Jennifer, thank you!" Shekhar uttered while Jennifer was about to open the door. 

Jennifer looked back with the kindness filled in her eyes. She came to him and said, "It is okay Shekhar! Not every family is perfect."

She hugged Shekhar. Shekhar could feel the warmth of her words. And thus, it became the most beautiful night that they shared together. Tara's nightmare came true that night. 

The illicit relationship continued for 3 months amidst Roohi's innocent laughter, till Tara found out one day. Tara was furious. She did not wait for anyone or anything to confront her. She slapped Jennifer. She had beaten her up in front of Roohi. Jennifer could just kick her back to save herself. Roohi perceived her mother as the villain who has beaten up her best friend and chased her away. But she was too young to understand that it was her father who screwed up everything. Shekhar promised Tara never to be in touch with Jennifer. He cheated on her, yet she forgave him for their daughter's sake. Jennifer was hurt. But she knew dreaming about her perfect life with a man who has a family of his own was wrong. 


Lost in his thoughts, Shekhar wiped of the tears from his eyes while waiting outside the ICU. The nurse came out and asked him that Roohi is conscious now and wants to meet her mom and dad. 

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