This post doesn't have any love or sex or the alleged dhokha in it. I just wanted to give this post a catchy title. No, really.

Also, I am so-not-well-equipped to write about love. First, thankfully I don't have a sad or unhappy love life as yet. Not for me I can say. I friend-zoned a guy, he made it out of that zone, it is his side of the story that is painful. Secondly, I am not having an extremely eventful love-life or a fairy tale for that matter. I don't have anything to blabber about on love that is why.

One fine Saturday, date-Saturdays as I prefer calling them, I had this very interesting conversation with my one and only date and my other half. Not that it was some very intellectual conversation, but it made me think and thus I am here. We are no good than talking about the weather et al.

We don't have a very synchronized schedule. So we skip talking to each other on the weekdays regularly. I asked him what he usually does in the night after he comes back from his office. Eating like a hungry bear, he answered that he either watches the television or listens to the radio while washing the utensils and cooking the dinner. Although I can not really mention how glad this homely behavior of his made me feel, but I would rather focus on the other part. The television and the radio part. I know that he loves watching The Football League, so what intrigued me more was the radio. I seriously believed that people listen to the radio only when they have to travel by road.

He told me about some feature on some radio channel, where people conduct a loyalty test on their partners. And since this guy is sarcasm personified, he said with a smirk, "So you better watch out! You never know when you are under the camera." I laughed. He laughed and then it ended.

But what purpose do these loyalty tests serve? I might not be very vocal about love, but I feel very strongly for this godly feeling of trust. No matter whatever relationship it is, trust is the only factor on which it can survive. If you don't trust your friends, you can not call it friendship. If you don't trust your other half, you should not call it love. Strong words, eh?

But I will keep the context same.

Let us consider our placeholders- Alice and Bob.

Alice and Bob are two people in love. Both are loyal. To each other, of course! Alice thinks that Bob is cheating on her. Alice should immediately end the thing. If there is a scope of distrust, its not love. Also, Bob certainly doesn't deserve Alice. He doesn't have to live with that in return to his loyalty.

The same should be followed if either of them or both of them are not loyal to each other.

I try to keep my life simple and thus, that is how I see things. I agree that things might be more complex than this. But if you are ready to talk things out and settle again, then it is good for you, isn't it? But that doesn't ensure that the future will not be the same. It doesn't even ensure your peace of mind. You might just want to think about your past.You may not want to let things go. Doesn't that make things even more complex?

When I wrote this, I did not intend to hurt anyone. It is just my point of view. Clinging on to past is one thing and peace of mind is another thing. I cling on to my past, a lot. Thus, I live a restless life. But, I always wish to keep things simple. That is what I do now. It always help.

But, I really don't intend to offend anyone. Personal discretion and choices are everyone's way of life.


  1. I agree with you here completely. I mean people these days call themselves "madly in love" and all their actions corresponds to distrust between them. People take the word "love" very lightly these days.

  2. Exactly! Love has become nothing for people these days!

  3. Then it is not love my friend, Quadeer! :)

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