The April a-z challenge is everywhere. I was really amazed by this challenge. It seems pretty good for every blogger. I was really badly attracted to enter this challenge and then I remembered about this long lost challenge of mine and I decided not to enter something that I can not even imagine to complete. Come to think of it, I have been trying to complete a 10 day challenge since I don't know how many days. A 26 day challenge would establish my being lazy as an universal fact.

Anyhow, I will continue with the 5th part of the challenge - 6 places.

6. Disney Land
Someone as kiddish as I am has to go to this place. I have grown up watching all Disney cartoons. In fact, I still have not grown up in that aspect. I have always wished to go there. I so want to go there. No matter how many Disney Land they open up around the world, but I want to go the original one.

5. Australia
This continent-cum-country (I have got my facts right, but that is what I like calling it!) has always amused me. I can somehow so well connect to the solitude that it enjoys. It seems like a traveler's dream to me. May be it is not. But for a li'l less enthusiastic traveler like me, every unexplored land is.

4. Venice
I may not be the oh-so-hopelessly-romantic girl next door, but Venice looks like the perfect place for a holiday with your love-interest.(I just refrained myself from calling it a honeymoon destination-too cheesy!). I really want to go there once.

3. Dubai
Yes, the glamour allures me. The ostentatious display of wealth allures me. Those are the only possible reasons for my love for travelling to Dubai.

2. India
Being an Indian, it wold be really fair if I scale the country before hoping on the foreign land or calling myself an enthusiastic traveler. I never do that anyway, but critic-critic everywhere. I have always wanted to visit all the "places of interest" listed in the General Knowledge books that we once read or the lost and unlisted places. It might take a very long time to do that, but I have realized it is not that difficult.

1. Home Sweet Home
Finally, no place beats my home. The li'l less than 100 square yard of land which have seen the best and worst of me with the three favorite people of mine is indeed the best place on this earth. I don't mind living here forever. I can not crib of having to travel less. I just love this place.

PS: This is also one the topics of In(di)spire, titled #5Places. Well I just gave you 6!
Off lately, the topics at the In(di)spire do not really appeal me to write. And there goes the justification of my being irregular. 


  1. A great list. Enjoyed reading it. When IndiSpire came up with the topic, I instead posted this -

  2. Thanks! :D
    I read your post too! Indeed, they are reasons for me to travel as well! :D

  3. Nothing can beat home! Agree Sushmita :)

  4. I am always homesick. Even when I am at college for mere 8 hours, I am home-sick!