Happy new year everyone!Li'l late than never.

My only consistent fan, Vinay aka Leo, is going to be very happy. No matter how this post is, he'll be just so happy to see me back again! And congratulation Vinay, for your job. Calls for a big dedication...check out soon.

Getting back to this post! Dilli ki sardi (Delhi's Cold, for people like Arun)

It was all fine till 1st January and suddenly on 2nd January, the extreme character of Delhi strikes again! No sun, nothing. Just the chilly and cold winds, which get worse by the night. I have been going to college for my exams, and it was not best of my traveling- in- metro experience!

Anyway, I came up with certain dos and dont's for the Dilli Ki sardi. Random things that strikes suddenly!

There are no do's , except for please wear clothes that cover you nicely. So what if you don't feel the cold, people do even when they see you wearing practically nothing!

1. We know its cold, but still it doesn't give you all the rights to walk, hugging your girlfriend/boyfriend/live-in partner etc in public. Looks sick!

2.Don't dress up like me, that is, just your eyes are visible(no, I don't wear monkey caps!), cute guys wont notice you! (Girl's college's effect--you act like a despo, unknowingly!)

3.Going for a morning show movie with friends is not at all a great idea. Firstly, one third of you wont get up so-early, leaving your bed in this chilly weather is a pain you see. Next one third would reach somehow, but late, and the rest, who happen to reach on time, will never get to see the movie. Waiting in cold is a pain as well!

4. No matter how bad you are feeling, how much extreme your mood swing is, don't walk in the night, facing the barfili hawa. Its fake in movies for heaven's sake, you'll fall ill, very badly. trust me on that.

5. Give all your sweaters for laundry at the same time!They just refuse to dry! I do this every season and then have to borrow my mom's/ sis's sweaters, and I hate them!

I'll end it here. I too hope, like you guys, that I'll come up with something nice to read next time!


  1. arey hugging doesn't look sick :P
    u r simply jealous :)

    great to see my long lost co-author back

  2. lols... yeah... You are jus jealous of couples :P
    Good to see u back..
    n thanks for the b'day wishes.. :)

  3. Fl and Arun
    Thanks for the welcome, not so warm tho :P
    And yes, I'm not jealous of the couples...why would I be?
    Being single is fun :P:D

  4. i don't like the first don't :P girlfriend ka body will be very warm. better than sweater ;) :D haha!

    can't and won't dress up like u :P won't suit me.

    what if the best movies release in winter?! :D

    morning walks in icy weather might be so wonderful na! :D

    haha! :) i dont like sweaters. they make me sweat :P

    ok. i commented. now time to write the next post. scoot off and click the "new post" link and start writing now!! THATS AN ORDER, DEMAND!! :D

  5. babes u r jealous of couples...........:D
    but well written article bout delhi :)

  6. @Vinay
    Your justification accepted..I wont comment back..:P

    And your wish, my command!

  7. @Aayush
    Thanks..and I'm not jealous!