All right,  this post is going to be something different from the previous posts. This post is going to touch a very serious and sensible topic.

It is totally a person's own view, whether to be religious, to believe in God or to be spiritual and it is totally none of my business. Getting to the point, while reading Abhi's post, I suddenly realized, may be the guy has a point. He talked about a few questions, which I know, almost everyone is unsure of.

So, the wikipedia describers atheism as :

"Atheism can be either the rejection of theism, or the assertion that deities do not exist. In the broadest sense, it is the absence of belief in the existence of deities."

I have certainly come across many people who say they are "atheist", and that they don't believe in God. I'm quoting my best friend’s words here:

"He acts all the time! Its just that he acts to fulfill his sadist pleasures. He watches us, and laughs when we cry! And whenever someone stands against him, his ego gets hurt! I'm an atheist and I am proud of it."

I was not in his favor that day, and even now, I wont support his view. He's an atheist and its his personal thing, but anyways he calls "GOD" a sadist, the same God who according to him doesn't exist.

This is not only his view. Probably all of us, who are self claimed "atheist", think in the same way. And I'm included in that! I suddenly with some very stupid ups, well no ups, only downs in my life, was compelled to think that there’s no God! But then I realized that even after that, if something bad happened, I just blamed him and claimed that I’m an atheist! Wow!

For most of us it is just a way to escape the reality. Escape the hardships.

But then, you’ll find some true atheists, who don’t believe in any deity, who hold themselves responsible for their all acts and will never blame anyone, for anything, any day!

In my 4th standard’s moral education book, there was one story about two girls. One of them was astik( theist) and other was nastik (atheist). The theist always said that there’s one almighty power who created the world, so wonderful, with so many different creatures. But the atheist second the view of science, the high temperature and pressure, over millions of years, formed the earth. One day the atheist finds a very beautiful painting at the theists’s home. On asking about it, the theist replies, “I didn’t make it. It’s just like that due to temperature, the paints and pressure themselves created this thing.”

A very complete story in itself. Everything in this world needs a source. Yes it does.

My dad says, there’s nothing like spirits and ghosts, it’s all in our mind, nothing else. 

This made me believe that no such things exist. 

P.S. 1) Spirituality left untouched here, so does religion.
2) Your views welcomed.
3) I know Arun’s going to say “Whenever I read you, why do I get this feeling that you are 23 yrs old!”:P:P


  1. to begin with... well done rose for bringing up this topic...
    this is something that has been bothering me for so long...
    i really dont know if im an athiest or not...

    its just that whenever we r facing problems and cant find any way ahead... we go and pray to god... this all is actually a psychological thing... we r under this belief that someone is there to help us... and this works most of the times...

    for me... god is someone i cant see but i know that he's always watching me...

    i agree 2 rose that worshipping stone idols doesnt guarantee his existence... but this belief generates some power inside u which makes all things go correct... its purely psychological...

  2. wow....serious tok from a 19 year old.
    btw am an atheist:P
    i guess atleast 50 percent

  3. Hah... i wud have said that... u do sound like a 32 yr old...

    as FL said, i too am 50% atheist n 50% theist...
    I dont believe in the stupid things people do in the name of God... but i do do short little prayers sometimes... especially when im in trouble, n exam times...
    Guess i can call myself, God loving n not God fearing...

  4. Good post Rose... I know quite a lot of atheists... its nice to see things in a different light :)

  5. Are you really not 23 ?? this post was really short and sweet .. and my views .... Life has made me not eing a complete atheist ! There definitely is a supereme power :)

  6. @Umang
    Its actually psychological!
    As I said, its all in the mind, but as long as long its giving the inner soul some satisfaction, its be an atheist or theist doesnt matter actually!

  7. @FL
    Thanks for reading:D
    But you see, kabhi kabhi serious hona padta hai:P

  8. @Arun
    Hehehe...thanks for the complement:P

    By the way, I fail to understand what do people mean by "50 % atheist"?

    Does that mean, when we actually need to blame someone, or when we are actually helpless, then we turn to theism?

    Just wondering....answer anyone??

  9. @Rosh
    Thank you for dropping in and the read :)

  10. @Lost Mermaid
    Welcome to my li'l space:)

    And I'm glad that you are lucky enough to say that, and I'll pray you never have to face anything that will turn you into a complete atheist.

  11. @Rose
    hmmm My defn of 50 % atheism...
    I sometimes pray to God... sometimes thank God.

    But also sometimes I start doubting the concept of God.... The idea of someone watching over us... The idea that He created everything on earth... I feel as if people just made up this stuff just to console themselves...
    hope i didnt offend anyone... jus my personal views...

  12. Hmmm.. Thought Provoking post:)

    Check out.. something for you :)

  13. "now I have learnt not to blame God for anything, because he actually doesn’t exist"
    So what is the point here ?? Does it mean that if you find god exists then you will start blaming god for the things in your life.
    First of all do not relate anything good or bad in your life with god.Once you are able to do that then start thinking about the questions again.I am sure you will get more confused :).
    My questions are still unanswered P.S I am a theist and I believe in ghosts also.. :)

  14. @Arun
    Hmmm...m still confused...but yes, the confusion creeps in every single mind, I know!

  15. @Abhi
    Well its human nature, you always want someone to blame for anythin' it happens...we say things like either we are "unlucky" or may be "god is not with me"...I mean, i think you got the point...
    But practically if you see....whenever anything bad (or as a matter of fact, good) thing happen in our life, the first thing we do is pray, either in disappointment, or due to happiness:D
    Its just a way of escapism, we need a person responsible for everything happening in our life...

  16. wel Rose its really hard to believe that you are just 19.Good work!!and about the athiest thing i guess its purely psychological.

  17. @Maddy
    Yes, I agree:)
    Its your mind and heart playing a role together :)